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Things to Consider when Purchasing Diabetes-Friendly Shoes

May 27, 2017 / no comments, on Uncategorized

Those people suffering from diabetes are at risk of developing poor blood circulation, especially in their feet. Not only does this cause significant amount of pain in the feet, but it also leads to more tiredness and exhaustion. In some circumstances, poor circulation could also lead to injuries or infections taking longer time to heal. $0, is there any solution? Well, this is where Diabetes-Friendly shoes come in that help you prevent injury and promote foot health. But, how can one purchase these shoes? Follow these tips find out and grab a new pair of kicks that work best for your feet!

Tow Heel

Yes, we know you love wearing high heels. But, nothing can be more important than your HEALTH! Therefore, when it comes to purchasing diabetes-friendly shoes, it is imperative that you look for ones that have a low heel. Why? This is because high heels can create pressure points on the heels and balls of the feet, hence leading to calluses or ulcers. So, look for wide, square heels that are less than 1-2 inches in height.

Closed Design

Of course, you are a trend setter and love wearing stylish shoes. However, you need to leave all of the style out when looking for diabetes-friendly shoes. Subsequently, instead of looking for shoes that have a fancy design, search for ones that have a closed design. Why? This is because a completely covered foot is better protected from pebbles, stones, and other debris while walking.

Seamless Interior

When it comes to purchasing diabetes-friendly shoes, it is vital that you search for ones that have a seamless interior. This is mainly because raised, lined, or reversed seams can cause friction and irritation while walking. Therefore, by choosing a seamless interior, you can feel relaxed, comfortable, and content at all times.

Adjustable Closure

Diabetic patients often suffer from foot swelling at the end of the day. This can be owed to a number of  reasons, regardless; your shoe must accommodate these small changes in foot size. Therefore, always look for shoes that offer a bit of adjustable closure. Also, if you have flat feet, avoid shoes that have arched insoles. Instead, look for ones that have low arches.

Insole Cushioning

Last, but not the least, when looking for diabetes shoes, make sure to consider the insole cushioning and outsole rubber. This can give you that extra bit of comfort while walking and make you feel relaxed at all times. For better and more relaxation, you can search for shoes that come with prescription or off-the­ shell inserts. Hard rubber soles protect your feet from sharp objects.

So, if you are planning to purchase diabetes-friendly shoes, make sure to follow the above tips. Organic products you can afford.

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