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Top 10 Types of Shoes to Fit Every Woman’s Closet Needs

July 19, 2016 / one comment, on Uncategorized

Second to diamonds, we’re pretty sure SHOES are every woman’s best friend. In fact, they are an accessory most girls simply can’t live without. Why? Shoes have the ability to exude your own style and transform any outfit. They are known to be an extension of one’s personality and can give you confidence and make you feel BEAUTIFUL. Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that those “right” pair of shoes can actually make their bad day a good one. Now, one can have many pairs of shoes, but there are certain types to fit every woman’s closet needs. These include:

1. Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are the ubiquitous summer shoe that are classier than flip flops and can pair with everything from a floral sundress to cut-off shorts or jeans. They are a definite go-to-wear in the warmer months and can even be used for a trip to the beach or strolling around the city, while looking incredibly sexy!

2. Espadrilles

Espadrilles are the perfect go-to-wear shoe for travelling. They are available in many slip-on styles (making them perfect for airport terminals) and are incredibly attractive and fashionable. You can either purchase a wedge variant or go flat, either way espadrilles are a must-have accessory.

3. Ankle Boots

Do you want the look of a boot without the added bulkiness of normal variants? If so, then ankle boots are the perfect option for you. They are perfect for leggings and skinny jeans and can add that extra sexiness to the simple of casual clothing or dresses.

4. High Heels

Going for a ladies night or a date with your soon-to-be fiancé? Either way, this is the perfect time to let your feet SHINE and wear high heels. You can either go for a peep toe or pointed toe to elongate the line, regardless these shoes can definitely add that extra bit of spiciness to your dress.

5. Nude Pumps

Nude pumps are incredibly versatile shoes that can almost be worn to any event with any outfit, be it an evening dress or skinny jeans. They can also be worn with cut-off shorts or leggings.

6. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are the second most versatile pair of shoes you can own. They are great for hanging out, shopping, travelling, and going to work. Not to mention, they are available in many different designs and basic colors like a leopard brown metallic or black patent print.

7. Tall Boots

Looking for a way to keep your feet warm, while looking incredibly stylish? If so, then tall boots are the perfect winter and fall must-have shoes that are incredibly versatile and can be worn with just about anything in your wardrobe.

8. Black Pumps

Black pumps are similar to flat sandals and are the ultimate go-to for travelling around the city or simply going to work. A basic black pump in leather or suede can add minute sophistication to your look and pull together any outfit or dress.

9. Short-Stacked Heels

Introduced in the early 90s, short-stacked heels are the perfect option if you are looking for something to give you a little height, without sacrificing too much comfort.

10. All-Weather Boots

All-weather boots are definitely the most important accessory in your closet, especially if you can’t beat to wear heavy and chunky snow boots all the time.

So, if you are looking for shoes to match all your daily needs, then make sure to purchase these top 10 shoes listed above.


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    December 5, 2016

    I will be putting this dalzizng insight to good use in no time.

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